They do get the job done; easy service for businesses to depend on, thank you.

I have been a client of Commercial Credit Adjusters for over 10 years and would recommend them to anyone looking for collection services. They are professional and consistent when dealing with my accounts.


Focus on sales and growth. At Commercial Credit Adjusters​ it’s our job to recover debt owed to your business.

  1. Commercial Credit Adjusters represents our clients’ brands and reputations as if they were our own.
  2. Commercial Credit Adjusters develops customized solutions to meet our clients’ unique receivable management needs.
  3. Commercial Credit Adjusters’ Collection Results are among the best in Canada.
  4. Commercial Credit Adjusters takes a partnership approach to add long-term value to our clients’ businesses.
  5. Commercial Credit Adjusters provides industry-leading security and confidentiality policies to protect our clients’ data.

Services Offered

Throughout our 31-year history, our range of services has grown to meet the expanding needs of our clients. Today, Commercial Credit Adjusters not only provides traditional third-party collection services, but has developed a full suite of service offerings that enables us to provide complete receivable management solutions.

The range of services Commercial Credit Adjusters offers includes:

Third-party Debt Recovery

Commercial Credit Adjusters provides debt recovery services utilizing industry-leading technology and teams of highly motivated, articulate, and well-trained collection and investigation officers.

Commercial Credit Adjusters’ collection officers are trained to collect in a most professional manner with the highest of ethical standards, while utilizing advanced collection strategies and negotiation techniques.

Commercial Credit Adjusters’ collection department is organized into separate areas, each staffed with individuals best suited and trained to work with specific industries.

Skip Tracing / Asset Location

Commercial Credit Adjusters has a dedicated investigation team that efficiently exercises every resource available to locate individual debtors and/or their assets. Investigation officers at Commercial Credit Adjusters are equipped with the latest technology to effectively locate debtors. Tools include database scrubbing, real-time collection and trace software, online databases of addresses and telephone numbers, internet databases, and instant credit bureau access.

Pre-collect Programs

Commercial Credit Adjusters offers a large suite of pre-collect services to assist our clients in the effective management of their accounts receivable portfolios.

Programs such as Commercial Credit Adjusters’ Digital Broadcast Messaging, Interactive Voice Response Messaging, Email and SMS (texting) messaging, and customized letter programs provide cost-effective solutions that are tailored to meet specific client requirements.

Business Process Outsourcing

Through extensive consultation with our clients, Commercial Credit Adjusters can develop and implement a complete receivable management program that encompasses managing your portfolio from the earliest stages of delinquency right through to providing full third-party collection services. These services can be utilized by your company in a short-term “clean up” project or as part of a long-term strategy to outsource your accounts receivable management processes. All programs are designed to encourage quick payment of overdue invoices while maintaining customer goodwill.

Receivable Management Consulting

For businesses that experience increased demands on internal resources and find it challenging to effectively manage their receivable portfolios, Commercial Credit Adjusters’ consulting team will assess the business processes and make recommendations to improve and or streamline practices to achieve the desired results.

Education and Training Seminars

Staff development and training is crucial for the long-term health of any organization. Commercial Credit Adjusters can help, offering training seminars on all facets of receivable management. Our training programs have been recognized on a national level and are enthusiastically received by our clients across Canada.

Commercial Bailiff Services

Bailiff services are currently available to financial institutions, leasing companies, and government entities in the Province of Manitoba only.

Call Centre Solutions

Commercial Credit Adjusters’ call centre solutions allow you to save up to 90% of the cost of messaging, contacting, and/or advertising to your customers with the click of a button. Not only can you enjoy cost savings, but our technology allows us to contact thousands of accounts in a matter of hours. Results can then be provided back to you to implement next steps. The intelligent features of Commercial Credit Adjusters’ call centre technologies provide effective and cost-efficient methods for contacting your customers without additional investments in hardware or software.


Commercial Credit Adjusters offers a full range of litigation services to our clients throughout Canada. Our legal team works closely with our legal partners across Canada who provide legal services extending from solicitor’s demand notices to issuance of claims in the small claims and civil divisions of the superior trial courts to enforcement of Judgments to appearances at court hearings.

Quality Assurance / Compliance

Commercial Credit Adjusters’ Quality Assurance / Compliance department ensures that we are operating under and adhering to the highest level of ethical practices and that we comply with all Government regulations, Client directives and Collection Strategies.


Commercial Credit Adjusters is fully licenced and bonded under various provincial Consumer Protection Acts to collect in all provinces and territories in Canada, as required by law. This allows us to be completely transparent with our clients and consumers in order to reach solutions that work for all parties involved.

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